Cooperation makes it work

The sport of ballooning is a wonderful group or family activity,  We know of families with their second and even third generations enjoying this sport.  To safely launch and fly a balloon requires a minimum crew of three people.  Duties of the crew typically include launch preparation, following the balloon flight in the chase vehicle. Obtaining permission of the landowner for the balloon landing and retrieval, keeping spectators out of the landing area, ensuring that any gates are left as they were found and that property is not damaged, and of course  helping with the traditional champagne celebration.


The average time involved with a completee flight is about 3.5 hours.

If you love excitement, if you love to be around happy people, if you love a challenge and the pride of a successful launch and recovery, then being part of our ground team may be something you will fall in love with.

Remember each flight is completely unique.  You will never become bored with ballooning.

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