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We would like to introduce ourselves,  we are Pretty Balloons Unlimited Inc., DBA Bear Creek Balloons  an aerial advertising and balloon ride organization utilizing Hot Air Balloons.  We specialize in sales and service of all forms of inflatable advertising: Cold Air Inflatables, Helium Balloons and Product Replicas. We also offer Pilot training, Hot Air Balloon sales and complete commercial Hot Air Balloon contract services. We are located in the West Houston area adjacent to Bear Creek Park.

Our products and services are available to any marketing area in Houston and the surrounding communities.

Pretty Balloons Unlimited Inc., DBA Bear Creek Balloons is the oldest and most experienced hot air balloon ride business in the South Texas Area.  We have been providing flights to the public for over 30 years.  Captain Al is the most experienced pilot in the Houston area with over 4000 flight hours in balloons.  Our flights are conducted 7 days a week, year round, weather permitting.  Flights take place mornings at sunrise during the summer, from sometime in early May until it cools off in the fall,  When it cools off (Average temperature below 80 degrees) we start to fly twice a day, mornings and afternoons a couple of hours before sunset.

For more information about our hot air balloon passenger flights please see our flight details page.




Simply one of the most amazing things I have ever done in my life. YOU MUST DO THIS! Capt. AL was fantastic, his knowledge and stories were fantastic and his skill as a pilot was beyond spectacular.

John Harmer I will do this again.

Better than I thought.

This was a gift from my boy friend. When I was told that we were getting up at 5am I was upset with him taking me out to do anything at that time of day. I am here to tell you it was fantastic. The views were amazing. I forgot how pretty the sunrise can be and our pilot was super talented. I had a great time, Better than I had expected

Kayla Rementer How am I going to top this??

Dear Al,

"The winds have welcomed you with softness...." What a fitting toast to celebrate such a fantastic experience. Many thanks to you and all of your colleagues for making our day so extraordinary. Special thanks for our fist voyage in man's earliest form of flight I

C. William Long I look forward to joining you again