Welcome to Bear Creek Balloons.  Offering hot air balloon flights in the Houston Texas area!   Making memories for 30 years


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Al Muir

  • Pilot of the 93Q radio station balloon for seven years and known by the radio audience as "Captain Al"

  • Began flying balloons in 1975 and has over 4000 hours of flight time.

  • Ranked nationally every year since beginning competition.

  • Budweiser trophy winner in 1980. (top competitive pilot for the year or the number 1 pilot in the ranking system.)

  • Winner of several races in North America, including the Great Houston Balloon Race, The Valley Rally in Alamosa Colorado, The Fort Hamilton Balloon Rally in Hamilton, Ohio.  The Port Arthur Cavalcade Balloon Rally, The Calgary Stampede Balloon race in Calgary Alberta Canada, The Jonesboro, Arkansas Balloon rally, the Oldsmobile Balloon Classic in Danville, Illinois, Sky fest, Billings Montana.

  • Finished 4th in the 1984 U.S. National Championships held in Indianola, Iowa.

  • Participated in the 1985 World Championships, held in Battle Creek Michigan, as a member of the U.S. Team.

  • Participated in July, 1986, as a member of the winning U.S. Team at the North American Championships in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

  • Operates a thriving balloon ride and aerial advertising business in West Houston. Currently holds public courses on ballooning at his facility

  • B.F.A. Certified flight instructor, has trained several pilots in North America.  Former F.A.A. Designated Balloon Pilot Examiner in the Houston area.

  • Organizer of several successful races in the South Texas area, including, the Missouri City Balloon Festival, the Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo, Red Lobster Balloon Rally, and the Messina Hof Harvest Fest Balloon Rally,

  • Past President of the Houston Balloon Association for 6 years, until it was dissolved in 1996.

  • Ed Yost Master Pilot Award.  Al Muir is one of only a handful of pilots in the entire United States awarded the Master Pilot award for 40 years of incident free safe flight operations.

Ed Yost Master Pilot Award

Want to learn more about Ballooning?  Here is a national Balloon Website! Click on www.hotairballoonist.com

Contact us by  phone at 281-463-0080 or Email us at AL@bearcreekballoons.net

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